Who Hacked Bezos's iPhone? – Tech News Weekly 117

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Apple & the FBI, Jeff Beezos’s iPhoen, the Human Screenome Project

• First, we talk with Joseph Menn over at Reuters about his exclusive report. Apple reportedly dropped plans for encrypting iCloud backups after the FBI complained.
• Then, we chat with Joseph Cox of Vice about the alleged hacking of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s iPhone by the Saudi crown prince.
• Afterward, we have a chat with Tanya Basu of MIT Technology Review about the Human Screenome Project — would you want to take a screenshot of your phone every five seconds for science?
• Finally, Jason and Mikah round things out with a discussion of fly brains and Microsoft’s Surface Neo and Duo.

Hosts: Jason Howell, Mikah Sargent
Guests: Joseph Menn, Joseph Cox, Tanyu Basu

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