Tech Trivia Show – Latest Telecom & Tech news

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TechTrivia Show – Latest Telecom & Tech news

A show about the latest telecom and technology news from across the globe. The show highlights the latest news, transformative stories and insights from the telecom world including updates from operators to leading media and technology firms. In the interest to keep our clients updated, we share the latest news in a humorous vein. With these humorous facts and technology trivia, your coffee discussions would be more interesting and engaging.

The show has three segments :

Fast Wheel – a segment which brings latest telecom and technology news from around the world, uniquely curated for our viewers.

Second segment : Face-off with tech, which brings the latest technology trivia and updates from technology world.

In third segment, we bring an interesting and transformative story from the telecom & tech world.

We also look forward to feedback and stories from our viewers. Please do write to us on twitter using #TechTriviaShow hashtag.

We hope you enjoy this session.


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