Tech News Today 1860: Hacker's Deloitte

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Another company in charge of protecting our valuable personal information reports that they’ve been hacked. Deloitte, dedicated to auditing, risk management and tax related services, says a cyberattack has exposed some customer information including passwords and personal emails from the company’s blue chip clients.
Microsoft says its new programming language for quantum computers should be out by the end of the year after working on the technology for more than a decade. MIcrosoft will include support for the new language in Visual Studio before 2018.
It’s macOS High Sierra day and you should install it where you can for no other reason than it will now let you stop autoplaying audio in Safari. If you upgrade you’ll also have access to the new Apple File System with an advanced architecture that is supposed to make your computer more responsive and more secure.
Plus, macOS High Sierra already has a zero day. Levi’s pricey Project Jackquard commuter jacket is hitting the hangers and Sarah Frier from Bloomberg interviewed Mark Zuckerberg about this particularly challenging moment in time for Facebook and politics.

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