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Continuing in the tone of deals, something that isn’t exactly a deal, but is still something you might want to consider buying, depending on how you feel about putting a camera-equipped smart assistant in your bedroom, is the Echo Show 5, which is basically the Echo Show, except with a 5.5 inch screen, and cheaper at 9000 INR. If you’re not into having your friend who works at Amazon look at you while you eat, you can get the Google Home Hub, or the Nest Home Hub, or whatever the thing is called now…which is not available in India. But hey, it doesn’t have a camera.

Moving on to some actual news, the Samsung M40 is scheduled to launch on June 11th. We have a couple of teasers out already, but apart from that, we only have the rumours; which is to say we know everything about the phone. It will have a 6.3 inch SUPER AMOLED Hole Punch Display (which is a USP apparently), a Snapdragon (not Exynos) 675 processor, up to 6GB of Ram and 128 GB of storage, with a triple lens setup (one of which is obviously a 48 MP shooter) and is likely to cost about 20000 INR.
I’m going to place here a direct copy of the statement that Azim Warzi, Samsung SVP India made when trying to disentangle the Samsung A Series from the M Series, as “acclaimed” by NDTV.
Warsi acclaimed that both the new ranges are “completely co-existing very smoothly and very harmoniously” in the Indian market, and there is no price or feature co-relation that needs to be enforced. “Conventional experience or knowledge would have told us that [Galaxy] A and [Galaxy] M [series] have to kind of be coordinated in pricing and features,” he said. “The result is different”

I actually wanted to do a piece on the MA in confusion that Samsung is dealing its customers in India. Long story short – both the series do overlap, quite a bit. But that’s Samsung for you. They lose quite a lot in the transfer of intellect from South Korea to India. Whatever the case may be, Samsung has sold 2 million of the A series since its launch barely two months back, and 2 million of the M series since its launch about 4 months back. To put that in perspective, that’s twice the number of 6 and 6T phones that OnePlus shipped last year.

A quick detour here, before we move on to the other news, I think we can all agree that in car infotainment systems really suck. The operating systems, if you can call them that, are terrible, and the touch response…doesn’t respond. Samsung is rolling out a partnership with Audi, to include its Exynos Auto 8890 processor in the upcoming Audi A4. The A4 is an excellent car already, and using the 8 CPU cores, and 12 GPU cores found in the Exynos processor, it should be able to take your in car entertainment to the next road.

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