On the Apps – Tech News Weekly 70

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Digital Binge Drinking.
— 1:54 GM and Amazon have invested in electric truck company Rivian. Sam Abuelsamid from the Wheel Bearings podcast talks about the Tesla competitor.
— 16:23 People in the US spent an average of $79 on iOS apps this year. Developer Ish ShaBazz explains why this makes sense.
— 31:22 How automated lights can improve your health. The founder of the Orro light switch talks about the science of light and sleep.
— 43:06 A new report says that the digital detox doesn’t work. Megan wants to discuss how boredom is a problem our devices can’t solve.
— 48:55 Happy Valentine’s Day. Dating apps are leaking your data and disappointing venture capitalists.

Hosts: Megan Morrone, Jason Howell
Guests: Sam Abuelsamid, Ish ShaBazz, Colin Billings

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