Interview Simon Cocking, Editor-in-Chief at Irish Tech News & Blockchain Leading Personality

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Simon Cocking is the Chief Editor of Irish Tech News and Editor in Chief at Crypto Commonwealth. Simon has been working as an advisory board member for several other successful ICO launches who have achieved their ICO targets, to help with marketing, media, PR and strategy. With the opportunity to leverage my digital footprint of 115,000 followers on Twitter (31% in US) and 22,000 on LinkedIn.

He has been included on many global influencer lists of people to follow for fintech, blockchain, AI and other tech related topics. He has been based in Ireland for 25 years.

Interview focus

1. About your background and professional experience.
2. Can you tell us about Irish Tech News and your role as Editor-in-Chief?
3. In today’s world, there are major media conglomerates that tend to dominate the market. Being an independent and successful media portal is therefore challenging. Can you tell us about your experience running Irish Tech News and this trend in the media sector?
4. Social media and algorithms now channel the information that users consume. This has brought challenges such as fake news and algorithm-driven content being the most popular and consumed. What do you think about this from your experience as a technology and media leader?
5. You have been writing about technology for years, and recently more about blockchain and crypto. How do you see the evolution of cryptocurrencies and blockchain?
6. What do you think of the new forms of financing that use blockchain solutions, like STOs for example? And what are your thoughts on blockchain as a standalone technology?
7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a key role in today’s technology innovations. What are your views on AI?
8. Dealing with AI in the future is also another challenge. How do you see the future of AI?
9. COVID-19 is the biggest disruptor in recent years. How do you see the challenges and opportunities that this crisis has brought?

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