Design & Tech News | OnePlus 8 and Pro Comparison, Google Wear OS Update, YouTube Music Explore Tab

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This is the design and technology news for Wednesday, April 15th.

OnePlus 8 and Pro Comparison (Starts @ 1:37)

Some clarification points:
1) At the 0:30 mark, I definitely meant to say ‘OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro’, excuse me 😛

2) Regarding models and pricing of the OnePlus phones, the Glacial Greens are available in 8GB + 128 Storage models. The OnePlus 8 is $699 for this model. The Pro is $899.

Sorry if there was confusion. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the breakdown!

Google Wear OS

Wear OS now sends a reminder to wash your hands every few hours

YouTube App Updates with Explore Tab


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