China Tech News! 5 ways China is testing self-driving tech including 5G

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China Tech News: Through artificial intelligence (AI) China is testing a number self-driving and 5G technologies. Tesla isn’t the only company working on autonomous vehicles, a number of Chinese companies are investing heavily here. From self-driving vending machines, to self-driving bikes, autonomous cars and self-driving taxis, here are the ways China is innovating autonomous vehicles in the China Tech space.

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Autonomous Vending Machines from Neolix:
Shown at Baidu Create, these auto vending machines help with last mile delivery and look like autonomous cars. They can hold 2,400 liters worth of products that can be purchased with a smartphone, and they travel up to 50km/h. Autonomous vehicle maker Neolix expects to ship 1,000 self-driving vehicles in 2019.

Wuhan’s driverless cars (AI cars):
Self-driving vehicles have using AI and LIDAR arrived in China as Wuhan’s city government issued China’s first commercial licenses for autonomous vehicles to three companies. Baidu and startups Halion Technologies and DeepBlue Technology will conduct tests along a 28-kilometer stretch of road with 5G connectivity (Baidu Apollo).

Self-Driving Bicycle:
The self driving bike is here! Researchers at Tsinghua University are testing a new AI chip using a self-driving bicycle. The Tianjic chip was designed to enable artificial general intelligence (AGI) by merging different approaches to AI.

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